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Rice Bags Filling, Case Packing and Palletizing

The whole solutions for rice industry including:

1. Rice bags weighing and filling machine: add rice into bags and then seal the bags;
2. Fall bags down unit:  push the bags and the bags will fall down and convey to next work station;
3. Rice bags case packer: usually use robot to pick and place rice bags into cartons;
4. Case closing machine: close and tape the top flaps of cartons;  the cartons bottom flaps have been taped by a carton erector;
5. Carton strapping machine: strap the cartons automatically;
6. Check weigher and rejector:  check the cartons weight, if the weight is not in the range, the unit will reject the unqualified cartons;
7. Robot palletizer: A robot with gripper will pick and place the cartons, and palletize onto pallets;  usually the pallets are fed by an empty pallets magazine;
8. Film stretching wrapping machine:  wrap the full pallets to ensure the robust of the pallets.

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