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Plastic coated steel pipe:  Plastic coated steel pipe has four layers. The exterior layer is synthetic plastics resin, like PE, PVC, and ABS. The middle layer is adhesive coating, which is made of high polymer material. This polymer material has good binding characteristics, which means it can be closely connected with resin and steel. Its thermal expansion coefficient is low, which is good for long time use. The third layer is seamed steel pipe. The fourth layer is painted by anticorrosive material inside, which is to avoid corrosion during long time use. Plastic coated steel pipe strength can be changed by steel pipe thickness. This mainly depends on its applications. The exterior plastic resin color can be changed according to factory environment color.
Roller Track: Roller track is made up of roller path frame, wheels and axis. The roller path frame is made of aluminum alloy or metal plate according to different occasions and requirements. The axis is spring steels which is to enhance its loading capacity.
Connecting Piece: The basic kinds of medal connecting piece are many. Frequently-used material is to make product flexibility and modularized.
It can make up many kinds of working tables or unit for production lines.
It can be tools at working position, like at assembly lines or at material loading.
It can be storage shelf, like traditional multi-layer storage shelf, middle-sized or light-duty first-in first-out roller rack, goods sliding-out system and special application storage shelf.
It can be tote cart, material-carrying cart, multi-layer material loading cart, non-ordinary use material distribution cart, temporary storage cart or special designed movable appliances.
It can be material storage shelf, which is used for keeping and storing material.
It can be other commercial appliance, like showing shelf, personalized showing shelf or other shelves with creative ideas. 
Other appliances: white board shelf, planter shelf, material placing shelf, book shelf or other creative shelf.