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Hanging Conveyor (Suspension conveyor/overhead conveyor) is a three-dimensional space closed cycle delivery system. It is mainly made of chains, rails, lifting appliance, support frames, driving unit and adjustment unit. It is of frequency control system. It can freely choose delivery route, which is suitable for long-distance delivery, elevating among floors, storage in the air and materials loading. It is suitable for automatic painting line, baking varnish, and assembling.
According to suspension capacity, hanging conveyor can be divided into two kinds: light type and heavy type. The hanging loading capacity within 100kg is the light type. The hanging loading capacity between 100kg and 1000kg is the heavy type.
According to delivery process, hanging conveyor can be divided into two kinds: ordinary type and accumulation type. The ordinary one can make workpiece suspended, delivered, turned, elevated and speed adjusted. The accumulation type can make workpiece stored, picked, removed and reset automatically.
Features: swinging basket type delivery, frequency control system, chain drive equipment, high automation