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Speed Chain Conveyor is also called Differential speed line or pallets conveyor, or Gravity system.
It uses the speeding up principle of speed chain line to make the carried pallets move rapidly. The pallets can be stopped by stopper. The pallets can accumulate, transfer and cross lines by different mechanism.

Its guide rail is special-made and its material is of surface treatment extruded aluminum profiles, which makes this conveying line running steadily. The speed-up chain conveyor line is suitable for large scale products continuously manufacturing.

The speed up principle is like below:

When a chain runs at v speed, circumferential velocity of the small diameter roller is v. At this time, circumferential velocity of the large diameter roller becomes (R/r).v due to ratio of radius.
Therefore, Pallet Speed V becomes a value that chain speed v and (R/r).v are combined.

For ration of radius of the large diameter roller and the small diameter roller is approximately 1.5:1,