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Expandable and moveable roller conveyor is extensible. Basically speaking, it is a conveyor that can freely change its delivery direction and delivery angle. It can freely adjust the height of the landing leg, with movable castors. This conveyor, its overall exterior shape can be straight or circular, which is flexible for delivery. Its castors are all with brakes. Its extensible length can be limited. Its rotational components are single-row roller, double-row roller and Folalen roller. One unit of this roller conveyor will be a set of meshes. One conveyor should have at least two units.

This roller conveyor is widely applied in all kinds of finished product packing cases and turnover boxes.

Its advantages are low cost, simple structure, easy maintenance, stable running and good delivery capability.

Expandable and moveable roller conveyor is of independent development aluminium alloy. Its max. loading capacity is 300kg/m. its castors are durable. Its appearance is beautiful. It has good quality. It can be customized.


1. It occupies small area. It is flexible. Its max and min ratio of per unit is 3.

2. During delivery, it can easily change its direction. The max angle it can make is 180°.

3. The delivery material can be rollers and wheels.

4. Installed castors is good for moving. Elevating device can easily adjust height and inclined angle.

5. It can be equipped with electric roller or micro motor.