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Roller Conveyor Line consists of rollers, body frames, supports, and drive unit etc.

Roller line can convey workpieces forward depending on the friction between rollers and workpieces. Roller line can be motorized and non-motorized. About the motorized roller line, the roller is not single drive, but group drives. It is always combined with motor and reducer, driving rollers to rotate by chain.
Rollers can be easily linked. Multiple roller lines can be connected with other equipment to make up a more complicated conveying system, which can achieve various technological requirements. Rollers can be accumulation conveyors, which can accumulate the workpieces.
Roller conveying line is available for all kinds of boxes, bags, and pallets/carrierr delivery. However, materials in bulk, small objects or irregular objects should be put onto pallets or pass boxes to be delivered. Roller conveying line can deliver a single heavy-weight cargo as well as can bear heavy impact load.
Roller conveying line is always used for detection, distribution and packing system.  The line can be straight, bent, clival, spatial, retractable and multiple cross type.

It is widely used in the field of household appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, tobacco, injection molding, post and telecommunications, printing and food. It can do workpiece assembly, detection, adjustment, packing and delivery. According to different technological requirements, the line body can be direct running, takt running and variable speed running.